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Your offer will be processed and we will contact you as soon as it will match the needs of someone. It is likely that we will not contact you immediately but your help will be needed soon. Thank you for your trust!

Financial support

It’s difficult to predict developments, so we need to be prepared to help. That is why Donio n.f. initiated the #KtoPomôžeUkrajine initiative to support Ukrainians at risk, whom our NGOs and civic organizations can help. This is primarily humanitarian aid in Ukraine, or in the event of a worsening situation, aid to those Ukrainians who seek safety in the Slovak Republic.

Thank you for your help and your trust.

We are processing all the offers of help, there are more than 8 000 offers already. People who are running from the war and are coming to Slovakia will need various types of help and aid. Housing for shorter or longer periods, psychological help, medical care, legal assistance or administrative assistance. We are working on tools that will effectively connect offers of help and people who need it the most. At the same time, we are cooperating with humanitarian organisations that will make use of the offers of help and who are professionals in long-term work with refugees and people in need. 


Therefore, we are asking you to be patient. We will inform you about our next steps via email and social media.


As soon as we have concrete and relevant information, we or one of the organisations we are cooperating with will contact you.


What people running from war need is a dignified and patient approach. Thank you.


If you want to offer or if you seek accommodation

Can you provide accommodation for people fleeing the war in Ukraine?

We want to provide people on the run from the war with a safe space with enough privacy, where they will have the opportunity to breathe and gain strength.

If you decide to accommodate such people, we are ready to provide you with as much support as possible. We have created a manual for people who provide accommodation, where you will find the necessary information.

If you have any questions about accommodation, write to [email protected]

Thank you

If you provide or are going to provide accommodation

Samples of all necessary documents for the provision of private accommodation and accommodation contracts can be found on the website of the Ministry of Interior.


You can also find them separately here:


Financial contribution for the accommodation provider


The current amendment to the Asylum Act, effective from 30 March 2022, regulates, among other things, the provision of accommodation contributions for persons with temporary refuge status. 

This contribution will be paid to the accommodation provider by local governments from funds remitted from the Ministry of Interior.



Conditions for obtaining the accommodation contribution


The basic condition for obtaining the contribution is the signing of a contract for the provision of accommodation between the property owner and the resident. Please note that this must be a resident, meaning, a person with temporary asylum status. After concluding the contract with the resident, the accommodation provider submits the contract to the municipality. At the end of each calendar month, the accommodation provider shall also submit to the municipality a statement of the number of nights for which accommodation was provided to the resident.

The contribution will be paid to the entitled person by the municipality – to a bank account, or in cash. The disbursement of funds to the accommodation provider will occur only after the municipality receives these funds from the Ministry of Interior.



  • within 5 working days after the end of the calendar month, the accommodation provider shall submit a statement to the municipality, (Sample statement of the authorized natural person/ authorized legal entity on the amount of contribution for accommodating the resident.)
  • the municipality shall summarize all statements from all accommodation providers and process them into a unified overview of applied contributions, which it sends to the Ministry of Interior by the 15th day of the calendar month,
  • the Ministry of Interior, after verifying and processing the received reports, will transfer the relevant amount to the municipality by the end of the calendar month,
  • the municipality will pay the contributions to the accommodation provider within 5 working days of receiving the funds from the Ministry.

Obligation to report foreigners to the Foreign Police


If an entrepreneur accommodates a foreigner, it is obliged to complete a form on reporting the foreigner’s stay and deliver it to the police department (Department of Foreign Police ). A sample of this form in Slovak is published on the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic’s website. It is also available in other languages according to the foreigner’s language skills. The form on reporting the foreigner’s stay consists of one page and, in addition to identification data, it also contains data on the length of the foreigner’s stay with the accommodation provider lasts and for what purpose he/she arrived here. The foreigner is obliged to sign the completed form on reporting his/her stay.

Subsequently, the entrepreneur is obliged to deliver the form on reporting the foreigner’s stay to the Department of Foreign Police within five days of accommodating the foreigner. The report can also be delivered electronically. Learn more about electronic delivery.


Do you have a vehicle and want to help transporting people or humanitarian aid? Please register via our questionnaire.

We recommend that you come to the border as part of an organization – this will prevent unnecessary chaos and increase efficiency.


Transporting material assistance to Ukraine as an organization is also an option, according to the experience of colleagues from SFPA. These documents must be completed for the UA side. If you have new information and experience, please let us know via FB message.


If you would like to do fieldwork with our members (in the border area or various Slovak cities), please register on our volunteer website

We are also looking for skilled people to join the #KtoPomôžeUkrajine team, please check the GROWNi platform.

Other support

Centre for Psychological Support for Ukrainians

Are you volunteering or providing Ukrainians with accommodation?

If you evaluate that they need psychological assistance, please call us at the number below and we will connect you with qualified psychologists.

How the centre works:

  • Assistance is provided by qualified Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking psychologists
  • Free individual/group sessions and telephone consultations are available
  • A network of Slovak psychologists throughout Slovakia to provide outreach and phone assistance

Where is the centre?

  • In central Bratislava: the Centre for Psychological Support
  • Outreach – throughout Bratislava and directly to individuals/groups in need

Who can contact us:

  • Anyone coming from Ukraine who needs psychological support
  • Volunteers or accommodation providers who evaluate a need for psychological support for specific persons

Contact us:  +421 907 265 343.

The Centre for Psychological Support has the professional backing of psychotherapists from the Slovak Institute of Psychotraumatology, the EMDR, and the League for Mental Health.

Coaching sessions online

Free lay psychological support coaching sessions for those impacted by the war (people from Ukraine forced from their homes or volunteers who need support) 


Help coping with stress or feeling overwhelmed. We provide online sessions in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Spanish, and several other languages. Web: or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Know somebody who could benefit from this support? Please tell them about our project.

Crisis management

Any questions? Contact freephone +421 800 800 566, or email individual psychologists 

I'm an organization/company

How  can I help as an organization/company?

If you are an organization that wants to help, please complete our questionnaire. A wide range of assistance is needed: financial support, material assistance, collections, volunteer groups, intangible expert assistance, and various other support. Thank you – we appreciate your proactivity and willingness to help.


Already providing help to refugees and want them to know about it? Register in the Help Map.

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About us

What we do

Who will help Ukraine is an online platform covering multiple forms of support, assistance and aid for people impacted by the war in Ukraine and forced to flee to Slovakia. Currently we focus our activities on helping with finding accommodation in Slovakia, social, psychological and financial support of those in need. Everyone can help in some way, whether it is accommodation, transport, psychological or social help and others. We are building a strong network of individuals and organisations that are ready to offer help to Ukrainians and we are connecting them directly with people who need their help the most. 

Who is behind the initiative

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Občianska spoločnosť

Vojnový konflikt na Ukrajine vyvolal vlnu solidarity a naša spoločnosť sa zomkla, spojila, vytvorila obrovskú vlnu pomoci. S mnohými jednotlivcami sme spolupracovali my z #KtoPomozeUkrajine alebo ďalšie z mimovládnych organizácií. Každému, kto pomohol v takej miere, akej bol schopný, patrí obrovská vďaka.

Mimovládne organizácie


Thank you in advance for your information and trust. The situation is very tough and often not clear. We are working on your inputs as fast as we can. We are asking you to be patient. We will contact you as soon as we have relevant information for you. Email- In the meantime, you can follow us on our social media where we are sharing the newest information   Email – [email protected] For media – [email protected]